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Brake Pressure Bleeder, Dual Master Cylinder
Model: 3103435
Condition: NEW
Bleeds Brakes Like The Professionals Pressurizes Brake Fluid So All Trapped Air Is Forced From System Will Fit Master Cylinder Openings Up To 4" x 6.5" Do It Yourself-No Helpers Required This Chevy brake master cylinder…
Ridetech CoilOver Spanner Wrench 85000000
Model: 3430326
Condition: NEW
If you own RideTech CoilOvers, get one of these spanner wrenches for adjusting spring preload and therefore ride height. The spanner wrench loosens and tightens coil spring retainer nut. Our CoilOver spanner wrench is easy to use and takes…
Rear Axle Wheel Puller - Zinc Plated - Knock Off Type - Ford
Model: 3164026
Condition: NEW
Remove the rear axle nut & washer, screw on the knock-off tool & hit the end of the tool with a hammer to loosen the wheel. …
Model A Ford Rear Spring Spreader - Traveling Style - USA Made
Model: 3240357
Condition: NEW
This tool makes a tough job easy. Compact & portable. Connects from a bolt on a banjo rear axle housing out to the spring eye. Stow it away in your trunk when touring. USA made. …
Rear Brake Camshaft Bushing Driver - Ford
Model: 3161798
Condition: NEW
Stepped design, USA made. …
Model A Ford Rear Spring Spreader
Model: 3127415
Condition: NEW
Notched for a perfect fit, this stretches the rear spring to allow easy removal or alignment. USA made. Can also be used on Model T rear springs. Notched end plates fit rolled spring eyes. …
Master Cylinder Bleeder Tool
Model: 3009417
Condition: NEW
More Effective In Reducing Air Simple To Use No More Fluid Spills Less Expensive Then Others The next time you purchase a master cylinder, try this new Bench bleeder tool. Simply to use and makes certain your master cylinder is ready to…
Tube Bending Tool
Model: 3009410
Condition: NEW
High Quality Tool For Bending Brake & Fuel Lines Will Bend 3/16, 1/4, 5/16 & 3/8 Tubing…
Hydraulic Floor Jack Pad, 7-1/4 Diameter, Polyurethane, Prothane
Model: 3009404
Condition: NEW
Protect your show prepped chassis. Specially formulated soft urethane pads fit over the top of your jack. Several sizes available to suit your needs.…
Coil Spring Compressor Tool
Model: 3009400
Condition: NEW
American AutoWire Double and Single Crimper - Splice Clip
Model: 3919437
Condition: NEW
Single crimper used for F-type terminals included in Classic Update and universal harnesses. Wire sizes ranging from 20 gauge to 14 gauge and Double crimper Used for F-type terminals included in Classic Update and universal harnesses. Wire…
Model A Ford Brake Adjusting Tool - Aligns Shoes - Wood
Model: 3276144
Condition: NEW
Helps you adjust your brake shoes for maximum stopping potential, comes with easy to follow instructions. Aligns shoes to drums. USA made. …
Wrench & Socket Tool Set, 175-Piece
Model: 3198881
Condition: NEW
Ideal for the small cargo areas of a Ford. Wrench set is supplied in a 20-1/2&quot x 14-1/2&quot molded storage case with a convenient flip-out carrying handle. The wrenches are made of forged steel and the sockets have handy…
Model T Ford Brake Lining Rivet Set Tool - USA
Model: 3195029
Condition: NEW
Used to split the rivet transverse to the transmission lining, 8-1/2" long for good leverage. Greatly assists in spreading & sinking the rivet so it sits below the band material. …
Model A Ford Drill Bit To Ream Shackle Bushings - 14.5 mm Bit With 1/2 Shank - For Front & Rear
Model: 3191141
Condition: NEW
Model A Ford Drill Bit To Ream Shackle Bushings - 14.5 mm Bi,t With 1/2 Shank - For Front & Rear …
Brake Adjuster Tool
Model: 3180552
Condition: NEW
Model T Ford Spindle Bolt Bushing Tool
Model: 3170273
Condition: NEW
A special cutter that faces the head of the T2713 bushing for a proper fit. …
Model T Ford Front Axle Caster Adjusting Wrench - 48 Long -Reproduction
Model: 3157363
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of a Model T era FORD tool. Used to twist/ bend front axle to achieve correct caster angle of front wheels. Painted black. …
Model A Ford Front Spring Spreader - 30 To 36 Working Length
Model: 3155616
Condition: NEW
A safe and easy way to spread the front leaf spring for removing the spring or replacing the shackles. USA made. …
Hydraulic Brake Adjusting Wrench - Polished Stainless Steel
Model: 3147813
Condition: NEW
This two ended wrench makes adjusting your juice brakes a cinch. The 3/4" ring wrench has an angled drop, in order to better loosen the jam nut, while the prong end is used in the adjusting cam to set the shoes adjustable heel. A…
Ford Pickup Truck Leaf Spring Tool
Model: 3144100
Condition: NEW
For removing rear leaf spring bushings. …
Model T Ford Spindle Bolt Bushing Reamer
Model: 3139104
Condition: NEW
This tool is not off-the-shelf, and is made specifically for Model-T's. After installation of T2713 bushings, this special reamer reams upper and lower bushings at the same time so they're properly aligned. …
Ford Pickup Truck Leaf Spring Tool
Model: 3135799
Condition: NEW
For removing front leaf spring bushings. …
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