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OER 1965-02 Door Lock Striker with Washer 8770193
Model: 3444886
Condition: NEW
This is a correct reproduction of the original striker for use on the applications listed below. The door lock striker is installed on the door jamb for either the right or left hand door. 2 required per vehicle. Chevrolet/GMC…
Door Lock Button Grommet, Chrome
Model: 3221365
Condition: NEW
Door Lock and Ignition Cylinder Set - With Keys
Model: 3012144
Condition: NEW
Small Head Door Locks Only (For Door Locks & Ignition See Part Number 63-30159) We have a complete set of door lock cylinders with keys. These are correct replacement units with correct original fit and appearance. Includes correct…
OER 1970-81 Door Jamb Vent Grill 8788235
Model: 2037910
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original outer door jamb vent grill used with various GM models. Produced using rigid ABS plastic. Installs on quarter panel door jamb area. This reproduction will restore the original cosmetic look of the door jamb…
Door Hinge Spring - Lower Hinges Only
Model: 3014582
Condition: NEW
Fits 1960/1979 Ranchero, Torino, Falcon or Fairlane. Lower door hinge spring. …
Outside Door Handle Set - Chrome - Right and Left
Model: 3937800
Condition: NEW
Quality reproduction and original Ford door handles feature a high quality triple chrome plating. Includes gaskets, door handle buttons sold separately. These are the best reproduction available. They are a perfect fit. Sold in pairs. …
Scott Drake 1964-1966 Ford Mustang 64-66 & 69-70 Door Handles (polished chrome) C4DZ-6222404/5A
Model: 3012160
Condition: NEW
Good quality and economically priced for the value-minded shopper. Kit includes both left and right handles, buttons, pads, hardware and brackets. NOTE: 69-70 MUST RE-USE ORIGINAL PIVOT MECHANISM as kit comes with 64-66 style. Concours…
Complete Lock Set, 1967, 1968, or 1969 Mustang
Model: 3075682
Condition: NEW
Instead of having all the lock cylinders keyed to different keys, which gets to be a real hassle when you're in a hurry, buy this complete set and you can have your doors, ignition, even your trunk all keyed to the same key! Save time…
Door Hinge Repair Kit
Model: 3014583
Condition: NEW
Complete kit is designed for complete repair of your door hinge. This deluxe kit includes two pins, 4 bushings, cams and dtops for rebuild of upper and lower hinge. Requires one kit per door. …
OER 1962-91 Door Lock Cylinder Retainer 9728247
Model: 3445029
Condition: NEW
If you're replacing your door lock cylinder it may be necessary to replace the retainer. This retainer is necessary to hold the lock cylinder in the correct position. Sold individually. Applications: 1973-74 Buick Apoll o 1975-79 Buick…
Door Hinge Pin & Bushing Kit, 1979-1993
Model: 3315523
Condition: NEW
New 16 piece door hinge rebuild kit. Kit includes four hinge pins, eight bushings and four cotter pins. Use to rebuild all four door hinges. …
Ford Mustang Outside Door Handle Set - Chrome - Right & Left
Model: 3165273
Condition: NEW
  Set includes buttons, pads and hardware.   …
Ford Thunderbird Door Hinge Pin, 3-9/16 X 11/32 Diameter, 1955-66
Model: 3078324
Condition: NEW
Pin can be cut to length as needed. …
Door Latch Rod Retainer Clip
Model: 3014600
Condition: NEW
New for 2007 are the door latch rod retainers. This is the metal locking retainer with plastic insert. These are for the 1965 through 1972 Galaxie, Ranchero, Falcon, Fairlane, Mercury Comet, …
Door Hinge Pin
Model: 3014581
Condition: NEW
Original style hinge pins to replace your broken or bent originals. These can be used on all Galaxie models from 1960 through 1972 as well as 1957/1979 Ranchero, Torino, Falcon or Fairlane. Requires cutting to lenGTh on most applications. …
Daniel Carpenter 1983-1989 Mustang Door Lock Striker Bolt Assembly Hardware E9AZ-5422008
Model: 3229692
Condition: NEW
•Brand New •Fits all 1983-1989 Mustangs •Replacement striker bolt for door lock striker bolt assemblies •Sold individually …
Ford Mustang Door Access Hole Plug
Model: 3185761
Condition: NEW
  Round steel stamping with snap-in-place tabs, nickel plated to resist corrosion. Fits 1-1/2 inch hole in latch face of doors.   …
Trunk Lock Cylinder Pad
Model: 3940781
Condition: NEW
We have the correct rear trunk lock mounting gasket used for 1963 through 1972 Galaxies. This is the small black pad that mounts between your trunk lid and your rear lock. …
Daniel Carpenter Door Hinge Pin & Bushing Kit, 1979-1993 D9ZZ-6143030-K
Model: 3934185
Condition: NEW
One 2pc kit services (1) door. Purchase 2 kits if you want to service both left & right side doors. Set of door hinge pins with bushings & lock clips. New door pins & bushings will help you get back your proper door…
Door Lock And Ignition Cylinder Set - With Keys
Model: 3014599
Condition: NEW
We have a complete set of door lock cylinders with keys and ignition cylinder offered as a complete set. These are correct replacement units with correct original fit and appearance. Includes correct keys and are complete and ready to…
Scott Drake 1967-1973 Ford Mustang 67-73 Pony Key Blank C7AZ-6222053-H
Model: 3216270
Condition: NEW
A Real Pony Key Blank for 1967-93 Mustangs …
Scott Drake Door Striker Plate & Shim C2OZ-6222008-B
Model: 3014602
Condition: NEW
Heavy duty, gold zinc plated construction. Includes shim, striker plate and mounting screws. …
Ford Thunderbird Door Lock Cylinder & Ignition Key Set, Includes 2 Keys, 1961-64
Model: 3075671
Condition: NEW
Set contains 1 ignition key cylinder and 2 door lock cylinders - all tumblers use the same key. …
Latch Striker Plate Screw Set
Model: 3014606
Condition: NEW
Complete set of four striker plate screws with original gold cadmium plating is now available for 1965/1970 Fords. 57-64 cars used a fine threaded screw which is not available. …
Scott Drake 1965-1966 Ford Mustang Original Pony Key Blank Ignition / Door C5ZZ-6522053-B
Model: 3197145
Condition: NEW
Officially licensed reproduction of the original 64-66 Pony key for use with the ignition or door. Features the correct Pony logo on one side and "Product of Ford Motor Company" on the other. Keys sold individually. …
Wire Type Door Panel Clip
Model: 3173092
Condition: NEW
  Quality Replacement Part Used On Many Models Over Many Years This Clip Is 1/2" From Outside To Outside Section That Goes Into The Door This type of clip found its way on numerous Ford and Mercury vehicles because they…
Scott Drake 1968-1970 Ford Mustang Door Striker Plate & Shim C5AZ-6222008-B
Model: 3014605
Condition: NEW
Heavy duty, silver zinc plated construction. Includes shim and mounting screws. (Date Coded 11-67) …
Scott Drake 1967-1973 Ford Mustang Trunk Lock Cylinder Housing Pad C7AZ-6543625-A
Model: 3013474
Condition: NEW
Precision molded pad to place behind the cylinder sleeve flange. Seals between the cylinder and trunk surface. …
Scott Drake 1964-1966 Ford Mustang Outside Door Handle Pads C0DZ-6422428/9K
Model: 3012159
Condition: NEW
Fit between door handle and door body panel. Injection-molded plastic just like the original. Sold in complete sets only. 4 piece sets. …
Daniel Carpenter Outside Door Handle Pad - Black Rubber D1AZ-6522428
Model: 3012138
Condition: NEW
We offer new black plastic door handle to body gaskets for most year of Galaxie. These are injection molded as original. Each set includes four pads for to include two pads for each door handle on your car. …
Door Bumpers - Install On Rear Of Door Just Above Lock - All Models
Model: 3244076
Condition: NEW
Door Bumpers - Install On Rear Of Door Just Above Lock - All, Models …
Ford Mustang Door Hinge Pin - 2-1/2 Long
Model: 3231893
Condition: NEW
  1 required per hinge. This may need to be cut to required length.   …
United Pacific Dice Door Lock - Red Knobs (2Pc/Set) 70040
Model: 3078366
Condition: NEW
Made of high-impact plastic material.Red with white dots color design.Inside threaded 10-32 for easy twist on installation.…
United Pacific Dice Door Lock - Black Knobs (2Pc/Set) 70042
Model: 3020351
Condition: NEW
Made of high-impact plastic material.Black with white dots color design.Inside threaded 10-32 for easy twist on installation.…
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