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Ultra-Seal Header Collector Gaskets, 3" 3-Hole
Model: 3116724
Condition: NEW
Ultra-Seal collector gaskets feature a steel core for strength, and a graphite-impregnated material that resists heat and pressure much better than ordinary gasket material, and conforms to the flange for a superior seal. The graphite…
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Flange Flat Gasket, 1958-66
Model: 3075121
Condition: NEW
Exhaust flange flat gasket for 1958-1966 FE engine …
Spectre Performance Header Bolts 46723
Model: 3917903
Condition: NEW
Header Fasteners, Bolts, Hex Head, Steel, Gold Iridated, Chevy, Universal, Set of 12 Brand:Spectre Performance Part Type:Header Fasteners Product Line:Spectre Performance Header Bolts Fastener Style:Bolt Thread…
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Flange Donut Gasket, 1958-66
Model: 3075120
Condition: NEW
Exhaust flange donut gasket for 1958-1966 FE engin …
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Manifold Bolt & Lock Washer Kit, 32 Pieces, 352 & 390 V8, 1958-66
Model: 3075091
Condition: NEW
Kit includes 16 bolts with correct lower case letter f on the head, 16 locks and 16 flat washers. This kit does not include the special hook type lock used on the right side to hold the choke tube in place. Our 9A447-AST & 9A447-CST…
Exhaust Manifold Bolt and Lock Washer Kit
Model: 3011474
Condition: NEW
We now have the orginal design Ramp-lok Exhaust manifold bolts available in most original sizes. Features correct head markings, original finish and factory lock washers. These are a concours replica true to original in every way. For…
Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit
Model: 3011468
Condition: NEW
6-Piece Kit Replaces Rusty Or Broken Manifold Studs Fits 6-Cylinder Used where the Y or H pipe attaches to manifold. These studs get VERY rusty and the most efficient way to get them off is using heat or a saw. This kit will ensure you…
Flowmaster 40 Series Muffler 42543
Model: 3955868
Condition: NEW
Muffler, American Thunder 40 Series, 2 1/2 in. Inlet/2 1/2 in. Outlet, Steel, Black, Each Brand:Flowmaster Part Type:Mufflers Product Line:Flowmaster 40 Series Mufflers Muffler Material:Steel Case Shape:Oval Inlet…
ARP Stainless Steel Header Bolts 400-1111
Model: 3687385
Condition: NEW
Header Bolts, Hex Head, 3/8 in. Wrench, Stainless Steel, Polished, 3/8 in.-16, 1.000 in. U.H.L., Set of 12 Brand:ARP Part Type:Header Fasteners Product Line:ARP Stainless Steel Header Bolts Fastener Style:Bolt Thread…
Exhaust Manifold Gasket - 144, 170 & 200 6 Cylinder - Falcon, Comet & Montego
Model: 3125694
Condition: NEW
Exhaust Manifold Gasket - 144, 170 & 200 6 Cylinder - Falcon,, Comet & Montego …
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Manifold Gaskets, 352 V8, 1958-60
Model: 3075140
Condition: NEW
Originally Ford did not use any gasket between the exhaust manifold and the cylinder head. These are aftermarket replacements. …
Exhaust Tip, Inside Diameter 2.25in, Outside Diameter 3.5in, Length 12in, Black Stainless Steel
Model: 3315385
Condition: NEW
Premium Quality Stainless Steel for durability.  Black Powder Coated Exhaust Tip. Length: 12 Inches Inlet: 2.25 Inches (2 1/4) Outlet: 3.5 (3 1/2) Inches Angled Cut Professional installation is highly…
Scott Drake 1964-1968 Ford Mustang 64-68 Dual Exhaust Kit C5ZZ-5246/30-K
Model: 3215301
Condition: NEW
Original replacement, dual exhaust system for 1964 through 1966 260, 289 engine with Standard Exhaust Manifolds. Will fit also 1967/1968 cars with 289 and 302 engines but is not original in appearance. This kit consists of the "H" pipe…
Scott Drake 1967-69 Original Style Dual Exhaust Tips C7ZZ-5258-C
Model: 3200801
Condition: NEW
These dual 1967-69 Exhaust Tips are an exact copy of originals and feature original style polished stainless steel rolled lips. These Tips are not cut off like some economy versions. Perfect fit for part # C8ZZ-5257-CRK 2” Exhaust…
Scott Drake 1971-73 Mustang Exhaust (Mach1 dual exhaust sys 2.25”, Requires Mach1 tips) D1ZZ-5257-TRK
Model: 3149743
Condition: NEW
We now offer the most comprehensive line of exhaust products for 1964 -1973 Mustangs and 1965-70 Shelbys. These Exhaust products are of premium quality and made to original factory specifications in the USA. All of our products have been…
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Flange Gasket, 429 V8, 1968-71
Model: 3075076
Condition: NEW
This is an exhaust flange gasket for a 429 V8. 2 13/32 ID x 3 OD …
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Heat Riser Spacer, Cast, Replaces Heat Riser Valve, 1955-57
Model: 3075064
Condition: NEW
Heat risers are notorious for not working properly. If yours is stuck, it will affect engine performance. Here is an inexpensive way to eliminate that problem, a non-functional spacer that is the correct size and shape. …
Exhaust Manifold Bolt Set, For Replacement Manifold, 6 Cylinder, Ford & Mercury, 1960-1967
Model: 3011475
Condition: NEW
We now have the orginal design Ramp-lok Exhaust manifold bolts available in most original sizes. Features correct head markings, original finish and factory lock washers. These are a concours replica true to original in every way. For…
Scott Drake 1964-1967 Ford Mustang Exhaust Manifold (170, 200) C3OZ-9430-AR
Model: 3937738
Condition: NEW
These manifolds are cast from high quality molds for proper fit and appearance. Includes exhaust flange bolts, nuts and washers. …
Exhaust Manifold Outlet Gasket, 430
Model: 3075123
Condition: NEW
Although an exhaust manifold gasket wasn't factory original, you can fit one between your cylinder head and the exhaust maifold. Regardless of the application, we can get you the gaskets you need, and at the lowest price around! …
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Manifold Stud, Right, 1966
Model: 3075104
Condition: NEW
We take pride in offering you those nuts-and-bolts that help your classic Ford Thunderbird not only function well but look good. …
Ford Thunderbird Exhaust Manifold Lock Tab Set, 8 Pieces, Right, 352 & 390 V8, 1958-62
Model: 3075097
Condition: NEW
From the factory, lock tabs were bent over your exhaust manifold bolts to prevent loosening. …
Exhaust Headers - Plain Uncoated - 1-5/8 Pipes - 3 Collectors - 260 Or 289 Or 302 Or 351W V8
Model: 3011554
Condition: NEW
These shorty headers are a mid length design for improved ground clearance for lowered and tight engine fit applications. Features 1 5/8 inch primaries and 3 inch collectors to improve exhaust gas velocity and cylinder scavenging which…
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
Model: 3011511
Condition: NEW
58-59 Ford 332 & 352 V-8 60-66 Ford & Mercury 352 & 390 V8 …
Pypes Mustang Resonator Delete X Pipe Hardware Included 409 Stainless Steel Natural Finish Exhaust XFM78
Model: 3942592
Condition: NEW
Converts factory resonator Midpipe to an X Pipe. This 409 stainless steel X Pipe includes hardware and is backed by Pypes Lifetime Warranty. It will improve the factory's restrictive exhaust flow and increase horsepower, torque and overall…
Ford Pickup Truck Exhaust Header Kit - Plain Steel - 239 OHV, 272 & 292 V8
Model: 3152613
Condition: NEW
  Conventional full-length chassis headers with 1-5/8" primary tubes & a 3" diameter collector. Manufactured from mandrel bent, mild steel tubing, with thick steel flanges surface machined for a great seal, these headers…
Bumper Exhaust Tips - Fairlane With V8
Model: 3215810
Condition: NEW
  This is an accessory chromed extension that fits over the factory chromed through the bumper exhaust.   …
Ford Mustang Exhaust Tip Trim Clamps - 2 Diameter - MustangWith Dual Exhaust
Model: 3203117
Condition: NEW
Here is a long awaited reproduction of the "horseshoe" style exhaust clamps used on exhaust tips. they are correct size for original 2" diameter dual exhaust systems & will look great on your Mustang. …
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