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Valve Stem Seal Set, 1958-1966 352 V8 & 390 V8
Model: 3074355
Condition: NEW
Valve stem seal set for 352 and 390 V8 engines. …
Cylinder Head Gasket - 260/289/302/351W
Model: 3010584
Condition: NEW
2 Required This cylinder head gasket fits 260, 289, 289 HI-PO, 302, and 351 Windsor small block V8's. …
Model A Ford Water Outlet - With Cast Boss - Cast Iron
Model: 3270824
Condition: NEW
This cast water outlet has a raised boss on the left side, which is threaded with 1/2" pipe thread to a depth of 1/2". This boss enables you to easily & securely install a temperature probe, for monitoring water temperature. USA…
Timing Cover Gasket Set - 260 V8
Model: 3124403
Condition: NEW
Timing Cover Gasket Set - 302 V8 …
Oil Pan To Front Crankshaft Seal - Modern Style - Neoprene - 4 Cylinder Ford Model B & Ford Flathead V8 Except 60 HP
Model: 3148100
Condition: NEW
Fits 4 cylinder Model A & Model B Replaces the two white rope seals. A long-lasting neoprene one-piece seal that takes the place of your troublesome rope seals. USA made, no machine work is required to install. This will not…
Model A Ford Water Outlet Gasket - Replacement Style
Model: 3158629
Condition: NEW
Model A Ford Water Outlet Gasket - Replacement Style …
Water Outlet Neck On Cylinder Head, Cast Iron As Original, Painted Black, 4-3/4 Tall
Model: 3166447
Condition: NEW
Model A Ford Water Outlet Neck - On Cylinder Head - Cast Iro,n As Original - Painted Black - Imported - 4-3/4 Tall …
Rocker Arm Kit - 302 V8
Model: 3128360
Condition: NEW
  Arm, ball, 3/8 nut and 5/16 nut, enough to do one rocker arm.   …
Head Gasket - Steel Clad - Ford Flathead V8 85 HP 21 Stud
Model: 3201876
Condition: NEW
Head Gasket - Steel Clad - Ford Flathead V8 85 HP 21 Stud …
Front Timing Cover Oil Seal Kit - Ford Flathead 239 V8 - Mercury Flathead 255 V8
Model: 3187737
Condition: NEW
Eliminate that leaky rope seal by installing our new kit. Includes a new one-piece oil seal and a new non-grooved crank sleeve made especially to work with the new seal. …
Model T Motor & Transmission Gasket Set, 30-Piece W/O Head Gasket, 1909-1927
Model: 3159003
Condition: NEW
Kit includes gaskets for: Oil drain plug Water inlet Universal ball joint cap Cylinder head outlet Front crankshaft oil seal Cylinder cover liner Timing gear half cover Timing gear side cover Manifold Crankcase to cylinder Crankcase lower…
Aluminum Head Saver - USA Made - Sacrificial Anode
Model: 3136322
Condition: NEW
Anode Deteriorates Instead Of Aluminum Also Reduces Harmful Effects Of Electrolysis Simple To Use Prevents Expensive Repairs Made In The U.S.A. Its a good idea to install this waste metal anode in your cooling system any…
Model A Ford Water Outlet Gasket - Copper - Original Style
Model: 3124578
Condition: NEW
Model A Ford Water Outlet Gasket - Copper - Original Style …
Ford Thunderbird Intake Valve Guide, Standard Size, Plain, .343 ID, 312 V8, 1956-57
Model: 3074400
Condition: NEW
292 V-8 standard size plain .343 ID…
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