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OER Heater Hose Bracket Set - Various GM Applications K556
Model: 3446657
Condition: NEW
This hose bracket set is designed to secure a pair of heater hoses to the inner fender skirt and the alternator bracket to prevent damage of the hoses and keep the engine compartment neat and tidy in appearance. Officially Licensed GM…
OER 1975-97 Non-Vented Radiator Overflow Jar Cap 371978
Model: 3085281
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the non-vented radiator overflow jar cap for various models ranging from 1975 through 1997. Features the correct words "ENGINE COOLANT ONLY" on the cap. Replace you broken, warped or missing cap with a brand new…
Daniel Carpenter Ford Mustang Fan Shroud - Fiberglass - For 20 Wide Radiator C9ZZ-8146
Model: 3272858
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Fan Shroud - Fiberglass - For 20 Wide Radiator …
ACP Quarter Post Seal Pair FM-BW015A
Model: 3237131
Condition: NEW
Pair that seals to the top of the quarter post on each doorReplaces the cracked, chipped, or missing Quarter Post Seals to avoid interior damageMade with high-quality rubber with steel insertsMatches OE specifications for correct fitment…
Ford Mustang Heater Box Clip
Model: 3191543
Condition: NEW
  Heater Box Clips Holds Heater Box Halves Together Ensures Air-Tight Seal Set Of Four When the time has come to replace the heater core or replace those rotten seals, you will need to separate the heater box assembly…
Champion Cooling 2 Row All Aluminum Radiator Made With Aircraft Grade Aluminum EC340
Model: 3186801
Condition: NEW
Our Economy series radiators are designed for car enthusiasts looking for an affordable cooling solution for their classic car that is nearly stock condition. Though some muscle cars or modified vehicles with a higher horsepower rating may…
Champion Cooling 3 Row All Aluminum Radiator Made With Aircraft Grade Aluminum CC379
Model: 3140844
Condition: NEW
Our Champion Pro series radiators are designed to cool your high performance engine and to keep you and your car on the road. The Champion Pro series is designed using 11/16” tubes. These radiators are built with three rows of tubes…
$489.99 ea $465.21
Daniel Carpenter Ford Mustang Heater Seal & Gasket Set - For Cars Without Factory Air Conditioning C5ZZ-18500
Model: 3128923
Condition: NEW
  All sets include all foam seals and rubber gaskets required to reseal the complete heater system.   …
$22.99 st $21.17
Thermostat - 180 Degrees
Model: 3009584
Condition: NEW
New thermostats are available for your classic Ford. These are a high quality american made part. Fits 170, 200, 260, 289,351w, 351c motors. …
Scott Drake 1964-1973 Ford Mustang Heater Hose Elbow C6AZ-18599-S
Model: 3183026
Condition: NEW
Scott Drakes beautiful silver zinc Heater Hose Elbow reproductions replace rusty and corroded originals. Also available in chrome for V8. Features:Beautiful Silver Zinc MaterialReplace Rusty And Corroded Originals Holley Performance…
$28.99 ea $27.89
Radiator Mounting Pads - Rubber
Model: 3937688
Condition: NEW
Brand new radiator mounting insulators are made to match original specifications. Also fits: 66/67 Fairlane with 390, 67 Fairlane with 427, 63/67 Galaxie, 68 Galaxie (240,304).Fits 63 lower radiator with 8 cyl 260 and 289, 64 lower with…
$18.99 pr $17.80
1967-1968 Mustang Radiator Support
Model: 3229988
Condition: NEW
  Some sheet metal parts may require easily-accomplished cutting or modification to accomodate your particular vehicle. All sheet metal requires "fitting" for proper placing. and may require welding to accomplish installation. Lower…
Mr. Gasket Thermocap™ Radiator Cap 2471S
Model: 2034156
Condition: NEW
Knowing your coolant temperature can help to prevent burn injuries. Thermo Cap, with its built-in calibrated thermometer, indicates the coolant temperature. This is useful information prior to cap removal. Never attempt to remove Thermo…
Daniel Carpenter Water Bypass Hose - Reproduction With Correct Script C2DZ-8597
Model: 3009676
Condition: NEW
Correct style by pass hoses for the for your classic Ford features original markings and rubber composition. …
Scott Drake 1965-1968 Ford Mustang HVAC Blower Motor C5ZZ-18527-K
Model: 3242196
Condition: NEW
3 speed motor with squirrel cage (fan). Features:HVAC Blower Motor Holley Performance Emission Code 6: Vehicle emissions regulations are not applicable to this item …
$122.99 ea $116.15
Champion Cooling 3 Row All Aluminum Radiator Made With Aircraft Grade Aluminum CC338
Model: 3197064
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Bypass Hose - Reproduction - FoMoCo Logo - 260 Or 289 Or 302 V-8 - FORD
Model: 3089463
Condition: NEW
This hose is an exact reproduction and is ink-stamped with the correct original logo and engineering numbers. …
Scott Drake 64-70 DEFROSTER HOSE B5A-18556-C
Model: 3007719
Condition: NEW
$25.99 ea $24.08
Defroster Hose - 2 1/2 ID x 36 Long
Model: 3937586
Condition: NEW
New defroster hose for your Galaxie with correct sizes and original style lining and coil design. Available in three sizes. Please check you inside diameter required an specify when ordering. Made in the usa! Sold by the foot, non…
$32.99 ea $27.37
Canton Racing Universal Coolant Recovery/Overflow Catch/Fill Tanks 80-201
Model: 3428720
Condition: NEW
Canton Racing coolant recovery/overflow catch/fill tanks serve a variety of needs. This selection of tanks can be used as general catch cans to capture any overflow of fluid. Connecting the radiator overflow into the bottom port, the tanks…
ACP Radiator Overflow Tank Kit Stainless Steel 14oz FM-ER020
Model: 3210387
Condition: NEW
Overflow tank holds coolant during expansion and allows it to be drawn back in when under vaccumReplaces a damaged or missing tank to restore functionality to the cooling systemConstructed out of polished Stainless Steel for maximum…
$77.99 ea $67.05
Scott Drake 1970-1973 Ford Mustang Heater Hose Elbow D0AZ-18599-A
Model: 3184362
Condition: NEW
Made by Scott Drake, this heater hose elbow is for 1970-73 cars with 351C engines. Zinc plated for years of service. Also available in chrome. Features:Heater Hose ElbowZinc Plated For Years Of ServiceAvailable In Chrome Holley Performance…
$42.99 ea $40.55
Radiator Hose Clamp Set - 6 Clamps - 4 Cylinder Ford Model B
Model: 3125421
Condition: NEW
  A set of 6 clamps with 4 for the lower hoses and 2 for the upper hose. Now you can economically duplicate the flat style clamps used by Ford.   …
Fan Shroud Bracket - For 3 Row Radiator - 4 Pieces Required
Model: 3009611
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original fan shroud bracket used on our 1963/1966 fan shroud. …
Scott Drake Fuel Hose Clamp Kit 8287-SBFK
Model: 3428839
Condition: NEW
Add the perfect finishing touch to your engine compartment with this officially licensed FoMoCo stainless steel hose clamp kit from Scott Drake. This 16-piece kit contains all of the heating, cooling and fuel line hose clamps needed for a…
$41.99 ea $38.38
Scott Drake 1965 Ford Mustang Engine Cooling Fan Blade C6ZZ-8600-C
Model: 3179107
Condition: NEW
Correct 6 blade, ?extra cooling?, 17 inch diameter fan. Painted black. Not compatible with clutch fan. Features:Painted Black Holley Performance Emission Code 6: Vehicle emissions regulations are not applicable to this item …
Radiator Hose Clamp Set - Tower Type - 10 Clamps - 390 Or 427 Or 428 V8
Model: 3009551
Condition: NEW
New complete sets of original style heater hose and and radiator clamp sets. These are the original tower and wire band style clamps used by the Ford motor company. The absolute most correct clamps available for restoration. Get the whole…
$38.99 st $32.32
Daniel Carpenter Ford Mustang Air Vent Gaskets C9ZZ-6501999
Model: 3222840
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Air Vent Gaskets …
$18.99 pr $16.08
Water Pump Packing - Solid Graphite Lead Foil
Model: 3160394
Condition: NEW
  Graphite creates less friction & will not mar the shaft.   …
Scott Drake 1964-1966 Ford Mustang Engine Cooling Fan Shroud Brackets C3DZ-8149-4
Model: 3009623
Condition: NEW
Now made by Scott Drake. Steel brackets with dull black finish. Includes mounting hardware. Features:Dull Black FinishIncludes Mounting Hardware Holley Performance Emission Code 6: Vehicle emissions regulations are not applicable to this…
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