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Scott Drake Classic Mustang neutral Safety Switch (C-4 & C-6, after 12-15-66) C9ZZ-7A247-B
Model: 3223307
Condition: NEW
These Neutral Safety Switches were unexpectedly made obsolete by Motorcraft and availability was getting scarce, but they are now made by Scott Drake and available once again! Our Classic Mustang neutral safety switches are high quality…
Scott Drake 1964-1973 Ford Mustang 64-73 Speedo Gear Retaining Clip C1DZ-17292-A
Model: 3014917
Condition: NEW
This clip holds the speedometer cable gear to the end of the cable. …
Scott Drake 1966-68 Mustang Transmission Kick Down Cable Kit C6OZ-7A187-KIT
Model: 3140294
Condition: NEW
A 9-piece kit, our Transmission Kick Down Cable Kit includes our cable, lever, spring & bracket, along with all the hardware for simple installation. Will fit 1965 but must be used in conjunction with Accelerator Pedal Assembly p/n…
OER Red 37 Teeth Speedometer Gear 1359271
Model: 3069936
Condition: NEW
This is a reproduction speedometer driven gear, identified by both its tooth count and color. Replace your worn out, stripped or damaged original gear or simply use a different gear for speedometer correction when changing rear axle…
OER 1969-79 Turbo 350 Torque Converter Cover 465471
Model: 2030769
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction of the original correct plastic torque converter cover (also called a flexplate/flywheel cover) for use with TH350 transmissions and a 153 tooth flex plate. Applications: 1969 Camaro V8 1970-73 Cam aro 307 Engine…
Mr. Gasket Flex Plate to Crankshaft Bolts 6710
Model: 3070174
Condition: NEW
MRG flex plate to crankshaft bolts are forged from high quality steel and heat-treated for extra strength, these grade 8 fasteners are a must for all hi-performance applications. Black plated finish helps resist rust and corrosion. Kits…
Ford Thunderbird Gear Shift Lever Detent Plate, 1964-66
Model: 3080159
Condition: NEW
Part of shift lever detent kit C4SZ-7A216-KT. …
Transmission Mount
Model: 3016761
Condition: NEW
Choose from our selection of orignal replacement transmission mounts. Come applications not listed can be special ordered, please call for availability. Replaces part #trm101,102,105,113,118,121,122. For all 62/71 vehicles with any factory…
Scott Drake 1964-1973 Ford Mustang 64-73 Transmission pan (C4, 1" Deeper, Natural Gray) C5ZZ-7A194-SD
Model: 3016719
Condition: NEW
An exact reproduction by Scott Drake but made deeper for increased fluid capacity. Natural gray paint for the correct look and rest prevention. …
Daniel Carpenter Speedometer Drive Gear - Black - 7 Tooth - For 4 Speed Toploader Transmission C4DZ-17285
Model: 3014938
Condition: NEW
New speedometer gear for your Ford toploader tranmission. …
Speedometer Driven Gear - 19 Teeth - Pink On End - Genuine Ford
Model: 3014926
Condition: NEW
Replace those worn out 45 year old original speedometer gears with these brand new reproductions. Compensate for larger or smaller tires, or a change in ring and pinion ratios and start using your original speedometer again without the…
Ford Mustang Speedometer Gear, T-5 Or Automatic Transmission, 20 Tooth, 1979-1998
Model: 3308572
Condition: NEW
High Quality Reproduction Made To Exact OE Specifications Corrects Speedometer For Gear Changes White Colored Nylon Marked With Number Of Teeth Made In The USA Why settle for imitation Mustang parts that don't fit?…
Screen & Pan Gasket Kit - Motorcraft - C4 Transmission
Model: 3169503
Condition: NEW
  For C4 Transmissions From 1965-1969 Includes A Quality Fel-Pro Gasket Filter Features A Minute-Particulate Screen   People often forget about the fluid in their hard-working transmission.  While the fluid…
Scott Drake 1964-1973 Ford Mustang C4 Transmission Dipstick (Black) C6OZ-7A228-B
Model: 3016713
Condition: NEW
Made by Scott Drake. Fits C4 transmissions. Painted glossy black. O-ring included …
C-4 Transmission Pan Stamped Steel, Chrome
Model: 3016718
Condition: NEW
This new transmission pan is made from stamped steel like the original and features a chrome finish and stock capacity. Does not come with gasket, or hardware. …
Daniel Carpenter Kick Down Return Spring - Automatic Transmission C5ZZ-7146-A
Model: 3016692
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original This kick down rod return spring for automatic transmissions is made exactly as original with black finish to prevent rusting. …
Automatic Transmission Kick Down Cable
Model: 3016691
Condition: NEW
Fits 1966/70 Torino/Falcon with c-4 transmission and 1969 Torino with cruise-o-matic transmission. Cable measures 10 1/4 inches long. Fits 66/68 six and eight cylinder c-4 transmissions. '70, 302-c4 transmission. '69 six and eight cylinder…
OER 1962-73 Powerglide / Torque Drive Converter Cover 3933089
Model: 1008686
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction flywheel pan (also called a torque converter cover) for use with Powerglide and Torque Drive transmissions for various 1962-73 GM models. Manufactured from injection molded plastic. Mounting hardware…
Ford Thunderbird Speedometer Driven Gear, 19 Teeth, 1955-56
Model: 3078647
Condition: NEW
For manual transmission with 3.73 rear end ratio & Ford-O-Matic with 3.31 rear end ratio. …
Automatic Transmission Shift Modulator Valve - Threaded
Model: 3016744
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original 61-72 Full Size Ford, Cruise-O-Matic Or Ford-O-Matic 61-69 Falcon / Comet Cruise-O-Matic 62-64 Fairlane Ford-O-Matic, 2-Speed Automatic 65-71 Fairlane / Torino Cruise-O-Matic FX,MX, & FMX Automatic The…
Speedometer Driven Gear - 21 Teeth - Red - Type 3A - Genuine Ford
Model: 3014935
Condition: NEW
Replace those worn out 45 year old original speedometer gears with these brand new reproductions. Compensate for larger or smaller tires, or a change in ring and pinion ratios and start using your original speedometer again without the…
Scott Drake 1964-1966 Ford Mustang 64-66 4 speed manual Speedometer Cable C5OZ-17260-A
Model: 3195091
Condition: NEW
Very good quality replacement speedo cables. 68 inches. …
Scott Drake 1964-1973 Ford Mustang C4 Transmission Inspection Plate (Chrome) C5DZ-7986-C
Model: 3016697
Condition: NEW
A commonly missing part. Helps keep dirt and debris out of the bell housing. Made by Scott Drake. Chrome finish. …
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