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Steering Coupler for 3/4" Shaft - 25 Spline - 3-1/4" Diameter
Model: 3463704
Condition: NEW
This coupler (rag joint) is required to connect the steering column to the steering box. Coupler Specs: Shaft Size: 3/4" coarse spline with flat at bolt head side Spline Count: 25 Total OD: 3-1/4" Bolt Size: 5/16" Bolt…
Control Valve Rebuild Kit - 20 Pieces
Model: 3016183
Condition: NEW
This is the ball stud in the end of the power valve. Usually needed when rebuilding your power steering system. Reduces steering wheel play. Includes seal and clamp. Fits 62/64 Galaxies and all Other models with power ram style steering…
Power Cylinder Accordion Boot Kit
Model: 3016182
Condition: NEW
Fits all models of Ford Ranchero, Falcon, Fairlane and Torino, and Galaxie with power ram style steering. Boot fits over the cylinder ram shaft to keep it from getting wet or damaged from road debris. This kit includes boot, bushings and…
Tie Rod Connecting Sleeve
Model: 3016352
Condition: NEW
11/16? Inside Diameter We now offer a line of original replacement adjusting sleeves. Used on cars withV8. …
Ford Thunderbird Outer Tie Rod, 1961-66
Model: 3079862
Condition: NEW
Power Cylinder Accordion Boot Kit
Model: 3016184
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Includes 2 insulators, 2 washers, accoridion boot & clamp. …
OER 1970-87 Steering Coupler for 3/4" Shaft - 30 Spline - 3-1/4" Diameter 7818568
Model: 3444745
Condition: NEW
OER® Authorized reproduction of the original steering coupling joint for various models. This coupler (rag joint) is required to connect the steering column to the steering box. Coupler Specs: Shaft Size: 3/4" coarse spline with…
Borgeson Universal Steering Rag Joint Vibration Reducer 055043
Model: 3115658
Condition: NEW
On some factory applications, a flexible coupling or Rag Joint was used to attach the column to the steering box when there was perfect alignment. If the original column or box is changed, the stock coupling may not work. Borgeson offers…
Scott Drake 1964-70 Mustang Power Steering Cylinder Boot & Clamp C5ZZ-3A540-B
Model: 3016197
Condition: NEW
New By Scott Drake is our 1964-70 Mustang Power Steering Cylinder Boot & Clamp. Improved material used to resist heat and oil better. Special locking stainless steel band that fits around power steering ram boot. …
Scott Drake 1965-1970 Ford Mustang Power Steering Valve Socket Sleeve C1AA-3A754-C
Model: 3016188
Condition: NEW
This bronze/steel sleeve should be replaced to do a proper rebuild on your control valve. …
Scott Drake 1964-1966 Ford Mustang Inner Tie Rod (Import, V8, Manual RH or LH, Power RH) C5ZZ-3A131-DRI
Model: 3016264
Condition: NEW
Imported inner tie rod for V8 engines. For power steering fits right side only. For manual steering fits right or left side. Designed and built to meet OEM specifications. …
Power Steering Pump Seal Kit - For Eaton Pump - 12 pieces
Model: 3016163
Condition: NEW
Rebuild your original power steering pump with our complete seal rebuild kit. Seal kit includes all seals to re-seal the power steering pump located on the engine. This kit includes thirteen rings, bushings and gaskets. …
Scott Drake 1964-1970 Ford Mustang Power Steering Cylinder Boot Kit C6OZ-3C651-A
Model: 3938999
Condition: NEW
Our boot kit includes exact OE washers, steel tube spacer and high quality EPDM rubber bushings and boot. …
Ford | Mercury Power Cylinder - New
Model: 3273251
Condition: NEW
  This is a brand new power cylinder, with a new housing on the outside & all new parts on the inside. Quality made in the USA.   …
Scott Drake 1967-1970 Ford Mustang 67-70 Power steering control valve hoses OE C6OZ-3A714/7-AR
Model: 3130749
Condition: NEW
Power steering control valve hose set, these are correct as OE …
1964-1966 Mustang Manual or Power Steering Outer Tie Rod for V8, Right or Left
Model: 3935024
Condition: NEW
1964-1966 Mustang Right or Left Outer Tie Rod for V8 w/Manual or Power Steering …
Power Steering Pump Filter, Aftermarket Replacement, 2-1/2 OD X 1-1/8 ID X 1-9/16 High
Model: 3283310
Condition: NEW
This is the same size as the original Ford filter, but it doesn't have the cork pads on top & bottom that the original had. …
Ford Thunderbird Center Link, Drag Link, US Made, 1963-64
Model: 3079868
Condition: NEW
Made to exacting standards, it is like the original in every way. …
Power Cylinder - New
Model: 3016192
Condition: NEW
Now available are brand new power steering cylinders used on 63/65 Falcons, Rancheros, 64 Comet and 63/64 Galaxie. A high quality replica. No more rebuilding or cores. Factory oem style function and appearance. …
Clamp - Power Steering Return Line
Model: 3016134
Condition: NEW
These fasteners are factory correct down to the finish and the markings. A must have for the concours restoration or just those that want peace of mind of having factory correct hardware on their ride, instead of the garden variety…
Power Cylinder Rebuild Kit
Model: 3168510
Condition: NEW
  Does not include accordion boot.   …
Power Steering Control Valve Sleeve
Model: 3937630
Condition: NEW
Fits models of Ranchero, Falcon, Fairlane, Torino and Galaxie with power ram style steering. This is the small brass sleeve on the front of the control valve. A must have when rebuilding the power steering system. …
Power Steering Pump Cap - Zinc Plated - For Eaton Pump
Model: 3079708
Condition: NEW
Correct style power steering pump caps are a nice touch to a detailed engine compartment. Made to match your original, available in zinc or chrome. Zinc plated power steering cap with dip stick. Fits eaton style power steering pump. …
62/65 Fairlane Outer Tie Rod End (Ms, Right, Left)
Model: 3016375
Condition: NEW
Correct replacement outer tie rod ends are available for most models. Made in the usa!This part is a special order and requires between a 2 and 4 week delivery. …
Power Steering Pump To Control Valve Return Line - 48 Long
Model: 3016208
Condition: NEW
New return lines for your power steering system. Replace these along with the pressure line (ppl series) and help eliminate those annoying drips from your ride. This is a plain section of power steering return hose without fittings Power…
Control Valve To Power Cylinder Hose - 10-3/8 Long
Model: 3016193
Condition: NEW
Quality replacement hoses. Aftermarket type hoses without original Ford markings in most cases. Made in the usa.These are the short hoses that connect the control valve to the power cylinder. 1967 through 1971 Fairlane/ Torino most…
Idler Arm Bushing With Insert - Upper
Model: 3016099
Condition: NEW
Replace your worn idler arm bushings with brand new american made rubber bushings. This part number does not fit manual steering cars made after 3/64 or power steering before 1964. …
Ford Thunderbird Power Steering Hose Kit, With Female Fitting On The Pressure Line, 1955-56
Model: 3079647
Condition: NEW
Includes B5AZ-3A713-C (return line), B5AZ-3A714-B (control valve line to power cylinder), B5SZ-3A714-A (control valve line to power cylinder) & B5SZ-3A719-A (pump to control valve). …
Tie Rod - Inner - Power Steering
Model: 3016379
Condition: NEW
We have a complete selection of quality trw inner tie rod ends. This part is special order and requires between 2 and 4 weeks for delivery Attribute Description Rod Thread 11/16-18 Bar…
Tie Rod - Outer - Left Or Right
Model: 3016354
Condition: NEW
Outer tie rod for manual steering and power steering Rancheros/Falcons 1960/1965. …
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