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OER Heater Hose Bracket Set - Various GM Applications K556
Model: 3446657
Condition: NEW
This hose bracket set is designed to secure a pair of heater hoses to the inner fender skirt and the alternator bracket to prevent damage of the hoses and keep the engine compartment neat and tidy in appearance. Officially Licensed GM…
OER Radiator / Heater Hose Clamp Kit *R085678
Model: 2032545
Condition: NEW
Reproduced in the original tower style design. Includes all eight clamps needed to completely replace radiator and heater hose clamps. Kit includes: Two 2-1/16" upper radiator hose clamps Two 2-5/16" lower radiator hos e clamps Two 5/8"…
Daniel Carpenter Water Bypass Hose - Reproduction With Correct Script C2DZ-8597
Model: 3009676
Condition: NEW
Correct style by pass hoses for the for your classic Ford features original markings and rubber composition. …
Ford Mustang Bypass Hose - Reproduction - FoMoCo Logo - 260 Or 289 Or 302 V-8 - FORD
Model: 3089463
Condition: NEW
This hose is an exact reproduction and is ink-stamped with the correct original logo and engineering numbers. …
Heater Hose Elbow - Silver Zinc - Reproduction - 289 V8
Model: 3183026
Condition: NEW
  This elbow was used, in some cases, to reduce the water flow through the heater core. In other cases, such as with the 289 and 302 engine, it was simply the hot water connection.   …
Scott Drake 1964-1970 Ford Mustang Defroster Hose B5A-18556-C
Model: 3007719
Condition: NEW
We also sell defroster hoses individually. Hose is authentic flex style, made from original type polypropylene coated fabric. …
Radiator Hose - Lower - Replacement Type
Model: 3009675
Condition: NEW
Replacement Hose Fits 6 Cylinder Fairlane- 1962-1967 170 6 Cylinder 1963-1967 200 6 Cylinder Falcon- 1960-1967 144 6 Cylinder 1961-1967 170 6 Cylinder Ranchero 1960-1964 144 6 Cylinder 1960-1965 170 6 Cylinder 1964-1965 200 6 Cylinder …
Ford Mustang Radiator Hose Clamp Set, Stainless Steel, with FoMoCo Logo, 260/289/302/351 V8
Model: 3428839
Condition: NEW
Add the perfect finishing touch to your engine compartment with this officially licensed FoMoCo stainless steel hose clamp kit from Scott Drake. This 16-piece kit contains all of the heating, cooling and fuel line hose clamps needed for a…
Ford Mustang Heater Hose Elbow Connector - Silver Zinc - Boss 302 Or 351C Or 390 Or 428 V-8
Model: 3184362
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Heater Hose Elbow Connector - Silver Zinc - Bos,s 302 Or 351C Or 390 Or 428 V-8 …
Scott Drake 1966 Concours Correct Radiator Hose (289, 289 Hi-Po) C6ZE-8260/86-B
Model: 3166439
Condition: NEW
These are the best concourse radiator hoses on the market. All feature special white ink markings that have been designed to adhere to the hose under normal conditions, imprint will not come off even when in contact with antifreeze. All…
Radiator Hose Clamp Set - Tower Type - 10 Clamps - 390 Or 427 Or 428 V8
Model: 3009551
Condition: NEW
New complete sets of original style heater hose and and radiator clamp sets. These are the original tower and wire band style clamps used by the Ford motor company. The absolute most correct clamps available for restoration. Get the whole…
Ford Thunderbird Radiator Hose Set, Upper & Lower Hoses, Correct Script Logo & Engineering Numbers, 1955-57
Model: 3072489
Condition: NEW
Includes upper and lower hoses with the correct script logo and engineering numbers. Hose clamps not included. …
Scott Drake 1964-1965 Ford Mustang 64-65 Concours Correct Radiator Hose (260, 289, 289 Hi-Po) C4ZE-8260/86-A
Model: 3009679
Condition: NEW
These are the best concourse radiator hoses on the market. New improved stamping will not come off even when in contact with antifreeze. All have imprints that are very crisp and authentic. Each imprint is concourse correct for the…
Ford Thunderbird Defroster Hose Set, Without Air Conditioning
Model: 3071251
Condition: NEW
This item needs to be cut. …
Cold Case Radiators 86-93 Mustang Silicone Radiator Hose Kit HFOR05
Model: 3957392
Condition: NEW
1986-1993 Ford Mustang GT/Cobra Silicone Radiator Hose Kit. Black. Upgrade your cooling system with this COLD-CASE silicone hose kit. Add style and performance to your Mustang. All COLD-CASE hose kits come with super smooth and heat…
Corbin Hose Clamp - For Maximum 15/16 Hose Diameter
Model: 3148556
Condition: NEW
Corbin Hose Clamp - For Maximum 15/16 Hose Diameter …
Daniel Carpenter Bypass Hose - Reproduction C70Z-8597
Model: 3009694
Condition: NEW
Now available for the 1967 through 1971Galaxie, Fairlane, Ranchero, Falcon small block 289,302, 351w by pass hoses, with autolite logo. …
Radiator Bypass Hose - Replacement Type
Model: 3009677
Condition: NEW
Replacement Hose Fits V-8 Engine Fairlane- 1962-260 V8 1963 221, 289, 260 V8 1964 260, 221 289 V8 1968-1968 289 V8 1968-1969 302 V8 1969 351 V8 Falcon 1963-1964 260 V8 1965-1968 289 V8 1968-1969 302 V8 Ranchero 1964 260 V8 …
Corbin Hose Clamp
Model: 3009545
Condition: NEW
Give your engine compartment that special detail witho ur new concours quality reproduction fuel hose clamps. Fits foth 5/16 And 3/8 Fuel lines on all 1968/1973 Rancheros, Fairlanes and Torinos. …
Scott Drake 1964-1966 Ford Mustang 64-66 By-Pass Hose with FoMoCo Oval Logo C2DZ-8597-A
Model: 3937660
Condition: NEW
By-Pass Hose with FoMoCo logo and part number imprinted in white ink. A Ford offically licensed product. …
Keystone Hose Clamp - For 21/32 To 23/32 Hose Diameter
Model: 3156575
Condition: NEW
Keystone Hose Clamp - For 21/32 To 23/32 Hose Diameter …
Corbin Hose Clamp - Any 1 Hose
Model: 3148605
Condition: NEW
  This 5/8" clamp is used for the breather hose between the valve cover and the air cleaner. …
Keystone Hose Clamp - For 1/2 To 17/32 Hose Diameter
Model: 3143246
Condition: NEW
  Keystone clamps are crimp-type clamps used on vacuum and fuel lines.   …
Corbin Hose Clamp - For Maximum 13/16 Hose Diameter
Model: 3132578
Condition: NEW
  Corbin Clamps (also known as the Split-Ring type) were used in various places such as the PCV hose, and brake booster vacuum line.   …
Corbin Clamp - 11/16 ID - Shiny Cad & Red Dye Finish
Model: 3126260
Condition: NEW
Corbin Clamp - 11/16 ID - Shiny Cad & Red Dye Finish …
Daniel Carpenter 1979-1993 Mustang GT LX V8 Autolite Water Bypass Hose -D C90E-8597
Model: 3009704
Condition: NEW
•Brand new •Fits 1979-1993 Mustang V8 •A Ford Official Licensed product! …
Heater Hose Set - 5/8 ID With White Stripe & Correct Grooves - Two 4' Long Pieces
Model: 3007721
Condition: NEW
Reproduction heater hoses are made to factory specifications and feature original autolite markings. These are an exact reproduction, not a generic striped hose. Correct heater hose for your specific year features correct colored…
Heater Hose Clamp Set - Tower Type - 6 Pieces
Model: 3207651
Condition: NEW
  Fits up to one inch hose.   …
Model: 3009717
Condition: NEW
24 inches in lenGTh, includes chrome plated aluminum hose end dress up caps and stainless steel hose. …
Model A Ford Radiator Hose Set - Black With Red Stripe - 3 Pieces - US Made
Model: 3208062
Condition: NEW
Bottom hoses are all 2-3/4" long. Top hoses are 6-1/4" long for 1928-29 and 8-1/4" long for 1930-31. The larger diameter hose goes on top. The hose set for 1930-31 can be cut down if needed to fit 1928-1929. …
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