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Oil Dipstick & Tube Set - Chrome
Model: 3011281
Condition: NEW
We have a variety of dipsticks and tubes for the smallblock and big block v-8 engines. Concours correct, replacement style, chrome dress-up, the choice is yours. New chrome Ford small block dip stick. This may not fit all applications…
Oil Pan - Bare Steel
Model: 3011320
Condition: NEW
Oil Coated Plain Steel Finish Includes Pan Plug & Nylon Gasket Fits 221, 260, 289, & 302 V8 Motors Dearborn classics has a selection of painted and chrome plated oil pans for small block engines. Painted models are available in…
Oil Filler/Valve Cover Breather Cap - Chrome
Model: 3010716
Condition: NEW
Custom push on chrome breather cap fits most Rancheros, Torinos, and Fairlanes. Cannot be used on 6 cylinder models. This is for original style valve covers with breather tube on the valve cover. …
Ford Thunderbird Oil Pan Drain Plug, 1/2-20, 1957-66
Model: 3074939
Condition: NEW
Nylon washer included. …
Oil Pan Drain Plug Set - With Brass Gasket - 3/4-24 X 5/8 -Ford Flathead V8 Except 1937 60 HP
Model: 3149603
Condition: NEW
This set consists of the B6730 drain plug and A6734B brass gasket. …
Oil Pan Gasket - Cork
Model: 3010719
Condition: NEW
This Ford small block oil pan gasket set is made out of cork and fits 221, 260, 289, 289 HI-PO, and 302 V8's. …
Oil Filler Breather Cap - Chrome - Opening in Top - Twist-type
Model: 3011302
Condition: NEW
New for 2007 is an exact reproduction of the original. Features include three filters, the autolite logo and a beautiful chrome finish. The pvc elbow is included but not installed for those wanting to re-use their original metal elbow …
Radiator Drain Cock - Replacement Type - Brass - Ford
Model: 3137895
Condition: NEW
Brass petcock for the sediment bulb, replacement type. Not intended for Show cars. For original-appearing unit, use # A8115U. …
Oil Pump - 221, 260, 289 & 302 V8
Model: 3136348
Condition: NEW
Oil Pump - 221, 260, 289 & 302 V8 …
Trans-Dapt Performance Remote Oil Filter Relocation Kit 1012
Model: 3993521
Condition: NEW
Oil Filter Relocation Kit, Single Filter, 30 in. Length Hoses, GM LS Engine Swap, Kit Trans-Dapt Performance remote oil filter relocation kits allow you to move your oil filter to a more accessible location, making filter changes…
Ford Thunderbird Oil Pan Drain Plug, 7/8-16, 1955-56
Model: 3074932
Condition: NEW
Includes nylon washer. …
Ford Thunderbird Oil Filter Cover, Chrome, 1958-66
Model: 3074919
Condition: NEW
Chrome cover for oil filter.…
Oil Filler Breather Cap - Twist-On - Anodized Finish
Model: 3011299
Condition: NEW
Choose from our assortment of new original Ford and exact reproduction oil filler caps. Motorcraft replacement-twist on. 66/68 (289 from 5/2/66), 65/68 (352, 390, 2v and 4v). This cap may be black or grey. …
Oil Pan Gasket - Cork
Model: 3010724
Condition: NEW
Ford Oil Pan Gasket Set - 351W 1969-79. Manufactured from cellulose/nitrile composition gasket material. A black latex rubber coating is applied to outside of gasket to help seal minor oil pan rail irregularities and eliminate the…
Trans-Dapt Performance OEM Replacement Oil Pans 9078
Model: 3942501
Condition: NEW
Oil Pan, Steel, Chrome Plated, 5 qt., Ford, 260/289/302, Each Brand:Trans-Dapt Performance Products Part Type:Oil Pans Product Line:Trans-Dapt Performance OEM Replacement Oil Pans Sump Style:Wet Stroker Clearanced:No…
Scott Drake 1968-1973 Ford Mustang 68-73 Oil Dip Stick (Stainless Steel Handle, OE style) C5AZ-6750-AC
Model: 3145190
Condition: NEW
OE style with full details of the original. Features a brightly polished stainless handle that will look great for years! Also available in Ford Blue …
Oil Pump - 170 & 200 6 Cylinder
Model: 3138348
Condition: NEW
Oil Pump - 170 & 200 6 Cylinder …
Ford Mustang Oil Pump Drive Shaft - 290 Or 289 Or 302 Or Boss 302 V-8
Model: 3135929
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Oil Pump Drive Shaft - 290 Or 289 Or 302 Or Bos,s 302 V-8 …
Scott Drake 1968-1973 Ford Mustang 68-73 Oil Dip Stick (Blue, OE Style) C5AZ-6750-A
Model: 3129281
Condition: NEW
Don't confuse these with generic imported versions that are kind of close. Our dip sticks are exact reproductions. Also available with a polished stainless steel handle. …
Scott Drake 1968-1969 Ford Mustang 68-69 Oil Dipstick Tube (Chrome, 68: 289, 302, 69: 302)) C8AZ-6754-C
Model: 3011292
Condition: NEW
Original design by Scott Drake. Nice chrome finish to catch the eye. …
Oil Filter Decal - A/C Oil Filter - Ford
Model: 3211247
Condition: NEW
Oil Filter Decal - A/C Oil Filter - Ford …
Scott Drake 1966-1967 Ford Mustang 66-67 Oil Dip Stick Tube (289, Blue) C6AZ-6754-A
Model: 3204097
Condition: NEW
Made by Scott Drake. Original design available in painted or chrome. Beautiful fit, a really nice part. …
Oil Filler Cap Decal - Black & White - Ford Pickup Truck
Model: 3189364
Condition: NEW
Also Passenger. …
Oil Filler Cap- Black Push On
Model: 3187710
Condition: NEW
Scott Drake 1969-1973 Ford Mustang Aftermarket 351W Chrome Oil Dip Stick & Tube C9ZZ-6750-K
Model: 3172939
Condition: NEW
Resembles the original. All chrome plated. Due to different water pump designs, mounting bracket may need to be modified. …
Rotunda 6,000 Mile Oil Filter Decal - Comet & Montego
Model: 3158383
Condition: NEW
Rotunda 6,000 Mile Oil Filter Decal - Comet & Montego …
Rotunda Oil Filter Decal - Red - Mercury
Model: 3153238
Condition: NEW
Rotunda Oil Filter Decal - Red - Mercury …
Oil Pan To Front Crankshaft Seal - Modern Style - Neoprene - 4 Cylinder Ford Model B & Ford Flathead V8 Except 60 HP
Model: 3148100
Condition: NEW
Fits 4 cylinder Model A & Model B Replaces the two white rope seals. A long-lasting neoprene one-piece seal that takes the place of your troublesome rope seals. USA made, no machine work is required to install. This will not…
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