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Oil Dipstick & Tube Set - Chrome
Model: 3011281
Condition: NEW
We have a variety of dipsticks and tubes for the smallblock and big block v-8 engines. Concours correct, replacement style, chrome dress-up, the choice is yours. New chrome Ford small block dip stick. This may not fit all applications…
Oil Pan - Bare Steel
Model: 3011320
Condition: NEW
Oil Coated Plain Steel Finish Includes Pan Plug & Nylon Gasket Fits 221, 260, 289, & 302 V8 Motors Dearborn classics has a selection of painted and chrome plated oil pans for small block engines. Painted models are available in…
Oil Filler/Valve Cover Breather Cap - Chrome
Model: 3010716
Condition: NEW
Custom push on chrome breather cap fits most Rancheros, Torinos, and Fairlanes. Cannot be used on 6 cylinder models. This is for original style valve covers with breather tube on the valve cover. …
Oil Pan Drain Plug Set - With Brass Gasket - 3/4-24 X 5/8 -Ford Flathead V8 Except 1937 60 HP
Model: 3149603
Condition: NEW
This set consists of the B6730 drain plug and A6734B brass gasket. …
Ford Thunderbird Oil Pan Drain Plug, 1/2-20, 1957-66
Model: 3074939
Condition: NEW
Nylon washer included. …
ACP Oil Pan Drain Plug With Gasket Chrome FM-EO007
Model: 3011314
Condition: NEW
Replaces a damaged or missing drain plugGasket allows for a tight sealMatches OE sizing and specs for easy installation…
Oil Pan Gasket - Cork
Model: 3010719
Condition: NEW
This Ford small block oil pan gasket set is made out of cork and fits 221, 260, 289, 289 HI-PO, and 302 V8's. …
Model A Ford Oil Pump Cover Gasket
Model: 3244652
Condition: NEW
  This fits between the pump housing and the cover plate on the bottom.   …
Oil Cap Grommet
Model: 3160651
Condition: NEW
Valve Cover Grommet - For Oil Filler Cap On Chrome Valve Cov,er - Ford & Mercury …
$8.99 ea $3.98
Model A Ford Oil Pump Return Pipe Gasket - Cork / Rubber
Model: 3155969
Condition: NEW
A gasket between the oil return pipe and the engine. TWO ARE REQUIRED. U.S.A. Use with Oil pipe mounting kit # A6648MB. …
Scott Drake 68-70 OIL CAP CHROME W/ LOGO C8AZ-6766-B
Model: 3011302
Condition: NEW
$58.99 ea $58.94
Ford Thunderbird Oil Pump Shaft, 352 & 390 & 428 V8, 1958-66
$18.99 ea $14.01
Ford Thunderbird Oil Pan Drain Plug, 7/8-16, 1955-56
Model: 3074932
Condition: NEW
Includes nylon washer. …
$10.99 ea $7.00
Oil Pan - Chrome - 351 Cleveland V8
Model: 3011328
Condition: NEW
Dearborn classics has a selection of painted and chrome plated oil pans for small and big block engines. Painted models are available in factory Ford blue, and chrome plated models are plated to perfection. Cast aluminum pans feature Cobra…
Oil Filler Breather Cap - Twist-On - Anodized Finish
Model: 3011299
Condition: NEW
Choose from our assortment of new original Ford and exact reproduction oil filler caps. Motorcraft replacement-twist on. 66/68 (289 from 5/2/66), 65/68 (352, 390, 2v and 4v). This cap may be black or grey. …
Oil Pan Gasket - Cork
Model: 3010724
Condition: NEW
Ford Oil Pan Gasket Set - 351W 1969-79. Manufactured from cellulose/nitrile composition gasket material. A black latex rubber coating is applied to outside of gasket to help seal minor oil pan rail irregularities and eliminate the…
$7.99 st $6.65
Oil Pan Gasket - Rubber
Model: 3010720
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original This Is Exclusive To 6 Cylinder Applications This Ford replacement engine oil pan gasket has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit and function will work…
Scott Drake 68-73 OIL DIP STICK STAINLESS C5AZ-6750-AC
Model: 3145190
Condition: NEW
$18.99 ea $18.71
Oil Pump - 170 & 200 6 Cylinder
Model: 3138348
Condition: NEW
Oil Pump - 170 & 200 6 Cylinder …
$90.99 ea $77.13
Model A Ford Oil Pan Gasket Set - 4 Pieces
Model: 3131320
Condition: NEW
  INCLUDES BOTH SIDE RAIL GASKETS & FRONT AND REAR SEALS. Recommended sealant is Hi-Tack gasket sealant # RSP25.   …
ACP Oil Pan 5.0L Black FM-EO005P
Model: 4024525
Condition: NEW
Replaces a leaking, rusted or dented oil panRestores original appearance and functionalityMade from strong stamped steel with a rust resistant black finishDirect fit replacement for easy installationFeatures oil sensor hole…
Oil Filter Decal - A/C Oil Filter - Ford
Model: 3211247
Condition: NEW
Oil Filter Decal - A/C Oil Filter - Ford …
$11.99 ea $7.44
Scott Drake 66-67 OIL LEVEL INDICATOR TUBE C6AZ-6754-A
Model: 3204097
Condition: NEW
$13.99 ea $13.34
Oil Filler Cap Decal - Black & White - Ford Pickup Truck
Model: 3189364
Condition: NEW
Also Passenger. …
$8.99 ea $5.84
Scott Drake 351 W CHROME OIL DIP & TUBE C9ZZ-6750-K
Model: 3172939
Condition: NEW
$14.99 ea $14.41
Rotunda 6,000 Mile Oil Filter Decal - Comet & Montego
Model: 3158383
Condition: NEW
Rotunda 6,000 Mile Oil Filter Decal - Comet & Montego …
$12.99 ea $8.27
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