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Trunk Lid Bumpers - Black Rubber - Comet
Model: 3146252
Condition: NEW
Trunk Lid Bumpers - Black Rubber - Comet …
Trunk Lock Cylinder Pad
Model: 3940781
Condition: NEW
We have the correct rear trunk lock mounting gasket used for 1963 through 1972 Galaxies. This is the small black pad that mounts between your trunk lid and your rear lock. …
Trunk Lock Cylinder and Keys
Model: 3013475
Condition: NEW
Original luggage compartment lock sets are now ins tock. Original Ford and exact reproduction units come complete with two matching correct style keys. Limited supply, don't delay! …
Daniel Carpenter Ford Mustang Anti-Rattle Sleeve - For Trunk Hinge Tension Rods C5ZZ-6545028
Model: 3135277
Condition: NEW
  When vibration causes these rods to touch, the rubber sleeves muffle any noise.   …
Trunk Lock Base Gasket
Model: 3076956
Condition: NEW
Trunk Lock Cylinder - Includes 2 Reproduction Ford Script Keys
Model: 3013473
Condition: NEW
Tumbler and keys only. Housing not available …
Ford Mustang Wheelhouse Seam Cover - For Left Wheelhouse
Model: 3270564
Condition: NEW
  This rubber cover fits over the inner & outer wheelhouse seam, protecting the contents of your trunk from the sharp edge at the seam.   …
Ford Thunderbird Trunk Lock Base Gasket, 1964
Model: 3076960
Condition: NEW
The trunk lock base gasket fits on the bottom of the trunk lock base and seals the trunk lock base to the deck lid. …
Trunk Lid Lock Cylinder Pad
Model: 3013485
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Trunk Lock Cylinder Pad - Black Vinyl - Fits On Sleeve
Model: 3212396
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Trunk Lock Cylinder Pad - Black Vinyl - Fits On, Sleeve …
Scott Drake 1964 Ford Mustang 64-66 Trunk Latch C2OZ-6243200-B
Model: 3013478
Condition: NEW
Now made by Scott Drake. Heavy duty steel stamped construction with a bright zinc plated finish. …
Trunk Lock Cylinder & Keys, Fairlane, 1965
Model: 3202876
Condition: NEW
  Reproduction Of Original Fits In The Factory Housing Includes Two Keys Don't put up with that damaged or worn trunk lock cylinder any longer!  Typically, the housing is fine and replacing just the cylinder itself…
Rumble & Trunk Handle Pad - Rubber With Bead - Ford StationWagon Tailgate
Model: 3196638
Condition: NEW
Also 1932-1937 Passenger Note: beaded lip around gasket was not original, but makes for a much neater appearance. For non-beaded pad see # A702356E. Also 32-37 Passenger. …
Model A Ford Rumble & Trunk Locking Handle - Die-Cast Chrome - Includes 2 Keys
Model: 3181108
Condition: NEW
In some trunk applications, it may require shortening & rethreading of the handle shaft. …
Model A Ford Rumble & Trunk Lock & Latch Mechanism - 3/4 Tall Collar
Model: 3125106
Condition: NEW
Used with 1930-1931 rumble lids Cadmium plated. Includes mounting screws. Collar height is measured above latch body. Used with 1930-31 rumble lids. This is the latch with the "taller" collar height. …
Ford Mustang Trunk Lock Cylinder - Includes 2 Special Pony Keys
Model: 3182588
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Trunk Lock Cylinder - Includes 2 Special Pony K,eys …
Scott Drake 1965-1966 Ford Mustang 65-66 Original Pony Key Blank (Trunk/Glove) C5ZZ-6543562-B
Model: 3173625
Condition: NEW
Officially licensed reproduction of the original 64-66 Pony key for use with the trunk or glove box. Features the correct Pony logo on one side and "Product of Ford Motor Company" on the other. Keys sold individually. …
Trunk Latch
Model: 3013483
Condition: NEW
New reproduction trunk latches for 1962/1965 Fairlanes and Falcons are now available. Part #trl100 fits 62/64 Fairlanes except station wagon. …
Ford Thunderbird Trunk Lock Cylinder, With 2 Repro Ford Script Keys, Keyhole Cover Is Not Included, 1955-59
Model: 3076918
Condition: NEW
With 2 reproduction Ford script keys, keyhole cover is not included. …
Thunderbird Trunk Floor Drain Hole Covers, 8 Piece Set, 1964-1966
Model: 3079462
Condition: NEW
Restoration Quality Parts This are the correct hardware to be sure your Thunderbird restoration is is tip top shape with the correct parts. (Even down to the screws. …
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