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Turn Signal Lever - Long
Model: 3016388
Condition: NEW
This is an exact reproduction of the original 1967 through 1970 Galaxie, and 1967 through 1979 Fairlane, Torino and Ranchero turn signal lever. This part has the correct threaded end and is triple chrome plated in the usa! …
Scott Drake 1964-1966 Ford Mustang 1964-66 Turn Signal Lever C5ZZ-13305-A
Model: 3265570
Condition: NEW
Scott Drakes 1964-66 Mustang Turn Signal Lever is a perfect copy of the original. Featuring fine chrome plating to replace those rusted or tweaked originals. …
$15.99 ea $14.91
Scott Drake 1967-1970 Ford Mustang 1967-73 Mustang Turn Signal Lever (Short) S7MS-13305-A
Model: 3203498
Condition: NEW
Scott Drakes new 1967-70 Mustang Short Turn Signal Lever features the same quality as our standard length Turn Signal Levers, but in a 5 1/2" length. They are perfect for smaller diameter steering wheels. …
$24.99 ea $23.18
Ford Thunderbird Turn Signal Switch Canceling Cam, 1955-62
$27.99 ea $19.07
Ford Thunderbird Turn Signal Lever, Chrome, Before 1-18-1962
Model: 3079899
Condition: NEW
From 1-18-1962, use lever C2SZ-13310-A. …
$32.99 ea $27.66
Ford Thunderbird Turn Signal Lever, Chrome, From 1-18-1962
$27.99 ea $18.38
Turn Signal Lever - Chrome With Black Knob
Model: 3010223
Condition: NEW
We now have chrome plated reproduction turn signal lever for 65/66 Galaxies, and 1962/1966 Fairlanes. Not and exact reproduction but a good replacement for the obsolete originals. Made in the usa! …
Turn Signal Canceling Cam
Model: 3190246
Condition: NEW
Turn Signal Canceling Cam …
$37.99 ea $33.55
Scott Drake 1968-1969 Ford Mustang 1968-72 Mustang Turn Signal Harness Connector C8AZ-14489-S
Model: 3146310
Condition: NEW
This once hard-to-find part is now made by Scott Drake! This part makes installing the 68-69 Mustang turn signal switch easier. Made from translucent ABS plastic using the original Ford print. …
$12.99 ea $12.33
Dennis Carpenter Turn Signal Switch and Wiring - 1965-69 Ford Truck C9TZ-13341-C
Model: 3213671
Condition: NEW
Features: • Complete Switch • Color Coded Wiring • Functions as Original • Before Serial# G30,001 for 1969 Note: Horn contact (C20Z-13A821-A) and wiring connector housing (C8AZ-14489-SR) sold separately. …
Turn Signal Switch Canceling Cam
Model: 3010235
Condition: NEW
Fix your broken turn signal cam without having to replace the whole assembley. Mounting hardware included. Most applications available for Ranchero, Falcon, Fairlane and Torino. Customer must pull steering wheel. Ford used two typed of…
OER 1971-83 GM Turn Signal Lever - Various Models 14005066
Model: 3442406
Condition: NEW
Replace your missing or damaged turn signal lever with this quality OER® reproduction. Each turn signal lever is manufactured to exact factory specifications. Includes correctly manufactured lever with injection molded reproduction…
Ford Pickup Truck Turn Signal Switch
Model: 3172872
Condition: NEW
OER 1967-72 GM With Tilt Wheel Turn Signal Lever 3909580
Model: 2030130
Condition: NEW
Replace your missing or damaged turn signal lever with this quality OER® reproduction and improve the appearance of your interior. Chevrolet Applications: 1967 Camaro 1967-72 Pickup Truck/Blazer/Suburban Models 1967 Impala/Full Size…
Scott Drake 1968 Ford Mustang Turn Signal Switch Fixed Column Non-Tilt C8SZ-13341-A
Model: 3203097
Condition: NEW
This exact, high-quality, reproduction of the original, 1969 wiring system includes multicolored wires with metal pins; a wiring harness; a turn signal-canceling cam, which automatically turns off your signal after you make your turn, and…
Billet Turnsignal Lever And Knob
Model: 3016391
Condition: NEW
Enhance your resto-mod with these custom made billet accessories for your ride. Machined from a block of aluminum, these custom pieces will help your car stand apart from the crowd. This billet turn signal lever features a steel shaft…
Turn Signal Lever With Black Knob - Ford Service Replacement
Model: 3016390
Condition: NEW
Choose from our selection of orignal replacement transmission mounts. Come applications not listed can be special ordered, please call for availability. Fits 63/65 Falcon and Fairlane. For 65 Fairlane use part #tsl101.…
Scott Drake 1973 Ford Mustang 1973 Turn Signal Switch (Without Tilt) D6AZ-13341-B
Model: 3191323
Condition: NEW
These switches are made by the OE supplier to Ford. Not a cheap reproduction. Ford tooling at a better price. …
Hidden Turn Signal Switch Kit - 12 Volt Negative Ground - Ford
Model: 3184470
Condition: NEW
  Instead of mounting onto your steering column, it hides neatly out of sight under the dash or behind a kick panel, where it is held in place by strong 3m velcro strips. A small wire attaches to the gearshift lever, where a tiny…
Dennis Carpenter Turn Signal Lever Knob - 1958-60 Ford Truck B8C-13305
Model: 3135624
Condition: NEW
Features:• White …
Ford Mustang Hood Mounted Turn Indicator Wiring Harness
Model: 3134809
Condition: NEW
Ford Mustang Hood Mounted Turn Indicator Wiring Harness …
Turn Signal Switch Pawl Spring - Ford With Ford-O-Matic Transmission
Model: 3133153
Condition: NEW
  Fits Ford with a Ford-O-Matic transmission only.   …
Ford Thunderbird Turn Signal Lever, 1955
Model: 3073606
Condition: NEW
Ford Pickup Truck Turn Signal Switch - F100 & F250 Without 4 Wheel Drive - Before Serial # G30,001
Model: 4909747
Condition: NEW
Ford Pickup Truck Turn Signal Switch - F100 & F250 Without 4, Wheel Drive - Before Serial # G30,001 …
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